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David Perdew

She’s an amazing action taker. I remember when she came to NAMS1, she snuck in the first day, sat in the back row, and didn’t say much.

The next day, she was in the front row, focused on each instructor’s lesson, and throwing herself into each task.

Today, I finally downloaded and viewed the video and ebook that she created called “What I Wish I’d Known Sooner…”

During the breaks at NAMS, Chris cornered people (including me – although I don’t remember it) and asked them a simple question: What is the one thing you wish you’d known sooner to help you with your business?

Simple concept, right?

She turned the simple concept into a 16 minute video with a 33 page ebook with rebrandable affiliate links.

And the content’s great. Dozens of people provide great insight. So, what’s the point.

From NAMS1 to NAMS3, in 12 months, Christine Cobb has become an affiliate marketing machine.

I’m a little proud of her.

David Perdew, MyNAMS
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